Do You Write a Follow Up Sales Email

follow up sales emailCongratulations you made the sale! Now what do you do? Many salespeople will simply move on to the next on totally forgetting about the new customer who just bought your product. Not you, I hope.

But let me ask you this, do you write a follow up sales email? If you don’t you may be ripping a hole in your own wallet and letting future sales slip away.

Why You Should Write a Follow Up Sales Email

Other than the obvious reason to say thanks for buying my product, there are other reasons to write a follow up sales email.

The thing is, you want your customer to feel happy with your product and if an issue creeps in, this is the perfect way to combat the issue before it blows up.

Here are my top reasons you should always write a follow up sales email after you have received the order.

    1. To Say Thanks – Okay, so I mentioned this one already but it is one of the most important reasons to write a follow up email. Right off the bat, it tells your customer you appreciate his business. That starts the “happy” that I mentioned.
    2. Insure the Product or Service Works – You don’t want an unhappy customer and there is no faster way for a customer to become dissatisfied with you than buying something that doesn’t work.
    3. Schedule a Follow-up – When you write a follow up sales email, you can schedule a follow-up call. This ties in with the previous reason which suggests to the customer that you really do have his or her best interest in mind.
    4. Ask For Referrals – This is a perfect time to ask your customer for a referral. You have followed up to insure all is well and that the customer is happy which makes them more likely to give you a referral while they are smiling.
    5. Strengthen Loyalty and Credibility – A good follow up sales email will always help you to strengthen your loyalty with your customer. It also gives your credibility a huge boost.

Anytime you get a chance to embed yourself and your company deeper into a customer’s business, and improve customer service, the greater the chances you will have a lifetime customer. A loyal, lifetime customer. Follow up emails are one of the best things you can do to insure this.

Your Turn
Do you have other reasons you write follow up sales email? I would love to hear them. Post your’s in the comment box below.

To your selling success.

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