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making a living online

Making a Living Online or Just Hopes and Dreams

Do you have hopes and dreams of making a living online? Maybe your vision is living the good life, hanging out on the beach working only a few hours a ...
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broken process

A Broken Process Can’t Be Fixed with a Simple Band-Aid

You may find yourself faced with what may seem like impossible odds from time to time. A broken process, poor or no planning. No accountability. No way to win. What ...
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Improve Customer Service with These Quick Fixes

Your customer service is not what it should be. You know it and your customers definitely know it. If you keep on the path of “don’t talk to your customers” ...
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Do You Write a Follow Up Sales Email

Congratulations you made the sale! Now what do you do? Many salespeople will simply move on to the next on totally forgetting about the new customer who just bought your ...
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inside sales consultant

Are You An Inside Sales Consultant or Just Inside Sales?

Early on in my sales career I started as an inside salesperson. I didn’t know any better than to say I was in inside sales when people asked. But soon ...
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“I believe if you want to achieve anything, you have to start with a strong belief system. One that is far greater than yourself. That is the first step to be awesome.”                        ~Ocha

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