When They Start Searching Online Do Your Customers Find Your Stuff

start searching onlineYou are just like everybody else when you need to find something, you start searching online. When you want to know how to change a light bulb or where to by a light bulb, what do you do? You start searching online.  And get this, your customers do too. Since you are in sales, you make your living by selling stuff.

You drive all over creation stopping in to see customers and searching for new ones. You feel like you have to be face to face with them in order to make the sale. Get ready for this…You Are Wrong!

Customers Start Searching Online

In today’s digital world, you do not have to be face to face with your customer to make a sale. I don’t want you to misunderstand here because that face-to-face time is very important. It is just that the process of getting the order starts long before you show up on their doorstep.

Like I said in the opening, when they need something, your customers start searching online. Now the question is; “Do they find your blog and your stuff when they do search online?” Are you providing them with the address of your blog? Do you post solutions to their problems on your blog?

Do You Even Have a Blog?

I keep saying that you have to start your blog. Why? Because I truly believe, you will increase your business by getting more leads, building your authority around your industry and your products while gaining the respect and a loyal following with your customers. (and future customers)

After all, when you start searching online for something that you need, you feel a connection with the writer of the blog where you just found your solution. Your customers are no different. Give ‘em something to read about. Give ‘em solutions. Give ‘em your blog.


Windshield Time

I mentioned, in order to make a sale you are driving all around your territory. Windshield time doesn’t have to be a waste of time. Use it to be creative. Record your next blog post by answering the questions from the sales call you just made. When you have a blog and your customers know it, they start searching online. But more specifically, they start searching on your blog for answers.

Once they find what they want, they can simply call you, email you or fax you their order. This frees up your time to spend on other selling solutions.

Quit wasting your time and start building your authority. Start your blog today. Your customers have already started searching online for something.

You’re Up
Explain to me why you haven’t started your blog or if you have tell me how it’s going.

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