What Is a Marketing Strategy and Why It’s Important to Your Business

what is a marketing strategy
Lately I have been talking about various aspects of content marketing. But what is a marketing strategy and is it really all that important to the growth of your business?

Arguably, there are those who say marketing is a waste of money and time. I find they are the ones who are stuck a couple of decades in the past.

The days of more feet on the street are long gone as are the day of cold calling. Content marketing is the new sales rep on the team.

What is a marketing strategy? This is what I think…

To simplify the term marketing, it simply means the methods in which you convince people to purchase your products and services.

What is a marketing strategy?

Think of it this way. When I was in the Marines, one thing we had, was a strategy. Every drill, every simulated mission, every process was based on strategy. A plan.

We knew the mission. We knew the objective and the strategy in which we were to carry it out. It was embedded in every aspect of the mission.

[bctt tweet=”Strategy is the plan in which you will accomplish the mission. The step-by-step process.” #strategy]

It should be the same in your business. What is a marketing strategy? It’s your plan to get from point A to B. It’s your process to accomplish the mission.

Adding additional salespeople on the street or in a territory is not a marketing plan. It may be part of the process, but is is not a sound strategy.

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A well laid out plan consists of 3 basic parts.

Starting with the end in mind, you can create your basic marketing plan with these three steps.

    1. The Goal. What do you want to accomplish? In the Marines, it was often taking out the enemy. If your goal is to acquire a certain number of new customers, start there.

    2. The process. This is where you have to determine exactly and precisely what each component will consist of. In marketing, it can be a strategic method of inbound and outbound marketing. One thing that is crucial to the success of your plan, is that you dedicate the resources to the outcome.

    3. Execute the Plan. The process of planning requires a strict approach to understanding the mission. The plan. Execution of your marketing plan is determined by your dedication and how well you lead the attack. To see it succeed, nothing can be left to chance.

What is a marketing plan you ask? It is each of these three parts that when combined with dedication, resources and determination not to fail, you achieve your goal. The mission was a success.

Why should marketing strategy be part of your business?
The simple answer is to grow your business exponentially. You can hire more salespeople, put them in a territory and hopefully see a small increase in business.

The problem with this approach is that there are only so many sales calls that a person can make in a day.

On the other hand with a well thought out marketing strategy and plan, you can reach your target customers and prospects at a much higher rate.

You can create a buzz around your brand, your products and service. Using a content marketing method results in faster growth.

Content marketing is the perfect tool and should be a top priority in your marketing. Especially if it is growth you are looking for.

Do you have a marketing plan? Maybe you should.

what is a marketing strategy

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