A Trendy Word Phrase that Means Absolutely Nothing

trendy word phraseA trend is a general direction in which something is developing or changing. So if you think about it, we are all a trend because we are always developing and changing.

However, this trendy word phrase which is not changing means absolutely nothing. It is overused. Even more, it is irrelevant the way it is being used these days.

What Is the Trendy Word Phrase?

“Moving Forward”

I’m sure you have heard it used hundreds of times and probably use it yourself a few. I think there is a more relevant term or phrase we could use that would have a greater impact on the outcome of what you are trying to achieve.

Think about this for a moment. You can drive your car in a forward direction. You can walk forward. But what does it really mean to be moving forward?

This is one trendy word phrase that just bugs me. If you stop and think about it, we are all “moving forward” in one way or another.

Either you are getting better at what you do or you are not. Either way, time absolutely does not back up. It moves forward.

Therefore, we are always moving forward. You can’t back up to move forward again. Moving forward only happens in the moment in which you are right now.

Yes, it bugs me. We’ve already established that time is always moving in a forward direction and we are part of that existence. Therefore, we are always moving ahead in a forward direction. So why would you tell someone “moving forward we need to work harder” if it is irrelevant?

A Better Phrase

Since everything happens in one moment of time, and each moment is new, I prefer using this phrase instead of the trendy word phrase moving forward.

That phrase is “from this point on” which to me, has more meaning. It indicates you start now. Right now.

If you want to accomplish anything, anything at all, you have to start now. From this point on. You can’t back up and you are already moving forward so if you don’t start from this point on, when will you?

My Challenge to You

The next time you hear someone say “moving forward” kindly let them know that you will start from this point on.

This will put you in a mode that forces you to do something right now that will make your future situation better.

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  1. Okay. So I used the trendy word phrase too many times. But to make my point, I wanted you to see how overused and irrelevant it really is. It’s time to make a difference from this point on.

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