Tips for Great Customer Service – Lessons from a Free Pizza

tips-for-great-customer-serviceWhen you need tips for great customer service, one way to come up with your own ideas is to think of lousy service you have received. And then don’t give that type of service. Think of a way you would have given better service.

You may think it sounds simple or is a dumb idea. But guess what? It works.

You know that when you have received less than outstanding service, in your mind you already conceived a way you would have handled the situation better. Am I right?

Tips for Great Customer Service

Let me give you an example of some great service I have received that you may relate to. I thought this was an outstanding show of excellent service.

I recently visited a locally owned restaurant that I had never been in before. It was an Italian restaurant. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted for dinner when I went in so I grabbed a menu.

I took a seat and started to study the selections. As I was sitting there, what I thought was a waitress sat down in a chair at the end of my booth. She smiled and started asking me what types dishes and sauces I liked.

She was sincere in trying to help put together something that a I would really enjoy. She wanted my experience to be one that would bring me back to the restaurant.

As we talked, I found out that she was the owner of the restaurant. I immediately thought to myself, “now this lady knows great customer service” but wait…

After helping me make a decision on the dish I would have for dinner, she asked me if I liked pizza. Well, who doesn’t? I said yes. She asked if I liked supreme pizza. Again, I answered yes.

The owner then said, “Great! I’ll make one for you.” I told her that would be too much for me to eat. She said it would be “no charge” and that she wanted me to have it so that I could sample the cooking.

Bottom line, she gave me a $12 pizza for free. It was delicious and yes, I have given her many referrals since I first walked in her restaurant. It has become my favorite Italian restaurant in town.

Customer Service Lessons from a Free Pizza

Here are the tips for great customer service that I learned from a free pizza.

    1. Be cheerful. It is as contagious as the flu.
    2. Listen. When you ask a question, shut up and listen.
    3. Ask more questions. The more questions you ask, as long as they are the right ones, gets you deeper involved for greater results.
    4. Keep smiling. Customer like friendly faces.
    5. Offer your best. Supreme pizza was her speciality. (and it really is good pizza)
    6. Ask for referrals. This doesn’t always mean with words. (I got a $12 pizza free. She got my business and referrals.)

If you apply these tips for great customer service, you too will receive lots of free word of mouth advertising. Your business will grow. You will prosper.

Your Turn
What are some of your tips for great customer service? I would love for you to share them in the comment box below.

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  1. A quick follow up to this post. I am now a repeat customer of this local pizza restaurant. Everytime I see the owner, we discuss more than just food. We discuss how she can increase here business. And yes…I still give her referrals from one free $12 pizza.

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