Thankful for the Connection, a Sandwich, a Hungry Man

I am thankful for the connection I made with a hungry and depressed man several years ago. I had stopped in at our local drug store for a few things.

As I was walking up to the door, I noticed this fellow sitting just to the left on the walk with his back was against the wall.

Here’s what I did…
I remember thinking how he looked depressed, but I went on about my business. As I completed my shopping and was exiting the store, I noticed he was still there.

Normally I would have just walked on to my car and drove off. But that day was different. I stopped and asked him his name. As he looked up at me, I could see the depression in his eyes.

He asked me if I could spare a couple of dollars but rather than give him money, I went back into the store. When I came out, I handed him a sandwich and a soda.

I have never seen more gratitude from anyone in my life. He inhaled that sandwich. We talked a few minutes about his situation. Then I said a prayer with him. He thanked me for the food and I turned and went home.

Thankful for the connection

Our paths have never crossed since that day. But from time to time I will remember the guy sitting on the concrete, looking down and out, eating a sandwich with a look of gratitude in his eyes. I am thankful for the connection.

I guess you might call that a random act of kindness. But I prefer to think of it as simply sharing part of myself. It was just a sandwich and a few minutes of my time. But the deposit of caring, kindness and gratefulness has long since paid dividends far beyond that moment.

A connection was made. A connection between two people. I will always be thankful for the connection. I was able to feed one man with a sandwich. He was able to feed me gratitude for a lifetime.

As I think back on that moment from time to time, remembering the gratitude I saw in that man’s eyes, it makes me realize with more conviction, that the true joy in life is giving.

I am thankful for the connection. Yet, in today’s fast paced life of day to day living, we often forget that we should give. Moving forward, I have to be more intune with situations such as this one.

I know that I will become a better person if I do.

Over to you
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  1. We can never underestimate the power of breaking bread with others. In that moment, you changed a life and maybe even saved one. May blessings abound, Ocha!

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