Do They Really Know?

Do they really know? In your career, in your life, you will come in contact with those who, “really know”. Yet you wonder if they really do.

Is their knowledge grounded in experience? Or did they just read a book without applying what it teaches? Do they wear rose colored glasses?

They are the ones who ask you your thoughts, your opinions yet if they don’t align with what they think they know, you become irrelevant. Your ideas don’t matter.


My 3 Words for 2018

Words. We all live and die by words. Some will encourage, others will direct your life, some make you think, while some entertain. Since I want to help you get better at being your best, I have chosen my 3 words for 2018.

Why three words rather than just one or maybe four? By choosing just one word, it loses it’s impact. It simply becomes another word you will soon forget