If You Struggle with What to Write, Do This…

struggle with what to write

I often struggle with what to write which tends to lead me to not writing anything at all. I then get aggravated with myself so I turn to reading stuff on the social networks.

Then I realize that for the most part it is a very non-productive time. Then I become more frustrated. So much of what you find is simply a regurgitation of stuff you already know anyway, it makes finding the good stuff just that much more difficult.

Thus, I still struggle with what to write. But then a light bulb came on.

No Longer Will I Struggle With What to Write

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As I was re-wording a line on my site, I realized that the answer to many of the issues people just like me are having is simple. They don’t believe in their own abilities, their own stories, their own experiences.

“You have to believe you can before you can.”

I truly believe that people just like you and me can make a difference. Whether small or great, you can touch the life of someone else with just a few words regardless of the fact that they may not be epic.

As you struggle with what to write, remember, you have to first believe. You have to believe in yourself and your ability, your passion to succeed. So let me encourage you to find a few words that will make a difference and write them on your blog.

Words unwritten or unsaid can never impact another. They will never offer encouragement so that someone else can grow.

Writing should no longer be a struggle as long as you are offering words of encouragement. Words that will make a difference in someone’s life.

What words do you have that just might make a difference?

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