Speak Up to Succeed – People Are Not Mindreaders

speak up

You have to speak up to be heard

One of the words I have chosen to focus on is, communicate, to speak up. Ironically I was reading an article about the one quality that all successful people have. You may think the one quality was something like, drive or entrepreneurship, or sales ability.

While all these are a part of what successful people have,  It was an interesting quality that you probably would never guess.

Here’s what it was…

Speak up.

According to a study by Prof Thomas Harrell of Stanford University, where he looked at the success of MBA graduates over a 20-year period, the number one indicator of success, which was exhibited by all those who went on to be successful, was the ability to speak up.

If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. If you don’t speak up, nobody knows you have valuable information that could help. Or that you may be seeking what they know.

It reminds me of the movie, “Top Gun” where “Maverick” had just lost “Goose” and was having trouble engaging again. If you want to learn, if you want to succeed, you have to engage. You have to speak up.


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What’s holding you back?

Holding your thoughts in will not get you where you want to be. It could be fear of being wrong or misunderstood or any number of reasons. 

Quit using this as an excuse.When you have a question, speak up and ask. That’s how you learn and the more you learn, the closer to your success you will be.

People are not mindreaders, and they may not know that you need help. In fact, they may want to offer it, but they may be afraid of offending you by offering help you didn’t ask for.

When others ask for help or suggestions if you don’t speak up how will they know that you can fill their need or help them with the problems?

What are you going to do the next time  you want to know or someone asks for help? 

It’s your choice but I think you know what to do.

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