Did the Black Hole of Social Suffocation Suck You In?

social suffocationLike, share, tweet, retweet and all the social suffocation sucks the imagination and creative life right out of your soul.

It will suck you into the depths of it’s black hole and never spit you out.

But it’s the social thing to do, like everything under the sun, share it, tweet it and retweet it. Talk about living in a digital trap, how do you escape the social suffocation from sucking you into a digital black hole?

Does Social Suffocation Exist and Are You In The Grasp?

As I was scrolling through some of my Facebook and Twitter feeds, okay, I admit I use them too, but here’s what I started thinking.

All the social media hype has a tendency to cause one to become void of imagination and creativeness. I firmly believe social suffocation exists to a degree in most of us.

It’s okay to be social, after all, we are social by nature. We want to be a part of the mix, we want to have our share of recognition.

The thing that gets me is there are so many people who seem to be simply drifting through this world with nothing more in mind than the social network they live in.

The real world is being sucked out through their fingertips and sucked into a social suffocation pit.

How Do You Escape the Social Suffocation?

The first thing you need to do before you expire from social suffocation, is to evaluate your behavior on the networks.

Look at your tweets, your likes, your followers and those you follow. If you can’t scroll to the end of your timeline or tweet feed, then you are getting close to being sucked into the depths of social suffocation.

If you really want to wean yourself from the pointless digital world you are trapped in, you have to do it cold turkey.

Turn your computer off. Step away for at least 3 days or even a week. If you can’t find another interest for a few days, take a nap. Relax, kick back and enjoy some quiet time.

The first time you do, it may be painful but what you will find as you do it every few weeks is a rejuvenation of your existence.

You will be refreshed and new thoughts and creative ideas will start flowing back into your life. Your purpose will start to be exposed.

One other thing I recommend is this. Be sure you are on Google+ so that you wont’ become another statistic of the social suffocation of the flailing networks.

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Your Turn

What do you think about all the social suffocation?

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