Sit, Stay, Fetch – What I Learned from My Dog

I can hear you already. “What I Learned from My Dog”, what in the world is he talking aobut?” What does a dog have to do with finding passion in life, getting better at what we do or anything remotely related to this blog?

Hold your horses. Before you jump ship on me, I promise you will find this interesting at least, if not eye opening. What I learned from my dog, you can too. Before I jump into this, if you don’t have a dog, it’s okay. Just pretend you do and follow along.

What I Learned from My Dog

Dogs are smart, loyal, lazy, habitual and full of life. People on the other hand tend to sometimes forget the parallels and let life sit on their backs like a 900 pound gorilla. The weight just seems too much to carry so we do nothing without ever finding the passion in our lives.

These three commands we give our dogs has taught me a valuable lesson in life. Learn from them so that you can have a more fun and exciting life. Here we go.

    1. Sit – When you have a dog one thing you try to get them to do is sit. It seems like a simple command but unless you have trained them well, to sit still is not something they want to do.

    But here is what a dog thinks when you command them to sit. They realize that there will be another command that will be lots more fun. They therefore, sit in anticipation of what’s coming next. Their tails are wagging and you can see the eagerness in their eyes.

    People on the other hand have a different view of the command sit. To us, or at least those not wanting to get better at what they do, it simply means sit. Hang out, be lazy, don’t worry about anything, just sit. Not a way to approach living with passion.

    2. Stay – This one is closely related to sit. When you teach a dog to stay, they instinctively know two things. One, when their master leaves they can get up and do their own thing or they can stay, knowing there will soon be fun and excitement.

    When most people think stay, they simply stay put. No where to go, nothing to do, nothing to accomplish, no passion. Just stay.

    3. Fetch – Oh the excitement a dog experiences when you tell them to fetch. There is now an objective. They have direction and are willing to follow it with great passion. You can throw a ball or frisbee and instruct them to fetch and watch the excitement. Their eyes are bright, their tongues are hanging out they are ecstatic about playing fetch. It brings them such joy and they “fetch” with passion.

    A dog knows it’s lots more to play fetch than to sit or stay. Do you?

Learning a Life’s Lesson
If you learn the meaning of fetch as it applies to a dog, then you will approach everything you do with passion. Do it with all your might. You see, fetch is an action word that instantly translates into, it’s gonna’ be fun.

These observations and what I learned from my dog play a big part in how you too, can approach your life. You can sit and wait on something to happen not knowing if it will or not. You can stay right where you are. Thinking that maybe there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing.

Or, you can fetch, letting the excitement of the game drive your emotions, your passion to the point where you are unable to contain yourself to simply sit or stay. Fetch. Do what it takes to move beyond your limitations to be what you want to be and to live a life of passion.

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