The Simple Concept of Writing More

I’m going to get straight to the point and say writing more is simple concept that we often forget. I know I often get caught up in other tasks like the tech stuff or too much time spent in social media, when we all know to have a successful blog, you have to write more.

Writing More

You can’t expect to write one or two good articles and have them sustain your blog for the long haul. Writing more, as simple as it sounds is a key factor in online success.

You see, I once told a friend of mine that I was doing some writing and posting articles online. He wanted to know if I made any money doing it.

As I told him of one article I had written that was doing rather well, and I was quite proud of myself, he asked this question followed by a profound statement.

First of all let me tell you my friend hardly knew how to send an email let alone anything else. His question was this, “Do you want to make more money writing?” As I responded “yes” he made this statement. “Then you need to write more.”

I tell you that to get to this point. When you find yourself “too busy” with other tasks, remember, if you are not writing content for your readers to absorb, then stop what you are doing and do so.

People can’t read your mind nor a blank page. Write something, tell a story and then do it again and keep doing it. Believe in what you are doing and your day will come.

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