Your Selling Time Is Multiplied by Your Blogging Time

selling-timeThe hours in a day are limited and your selling time is even less. Unless that is, you are blogging. You can only be in front of a limited number customers and prospects during your selling hours of the day.

Why limit yourself? There is a way to be in front of them anytime they are looking for your products. How? I’ll explain.

Blogging Increases Your Selling Time

If you are one of those who feel it is a waste of time for salespeople to blog, let me ask you a question. Cold calling, which is most likely part of your prospecting, is an even bigger waste of time. Yours and the prospects.

When you make an un-announced cold call, you are interrupting the prospect. On the other hand, if you do a little research ahead of time and send out some prospecting emails, your chances to get an appointment, and make a deal, will dramatically increase.

Now, let’s take that one step further. In your email you can link to your blog that explains what you have to offer. That is, if you have a blog. If you don’t start one now.

You see, a blog will work for your 24-7-365 and is there when your prospects and customers need to know something.

What About Content
Has your customer or prospective customer ever asked you about your product or services? Answer the questions on your blog and direct them there to read your article.

Get this, you become the expert when they do.

This is how your selling time is multiplied, you blog. It’s easy to get started and don’t give me some lame excuse that you don’t have time. Make the time. It’s your job.

I know, some will still argue that salespeople shouldn’t blog. But those are the folks that won’t take the blinders off to see the entire landscape. If you don’t feel it is important enough, then why do you use the internet to search for information?

Get the point? Start your blog today and let your blogging time multiply your selling time.

Your Turn
What do you think about salespeople blogging? I would like to know your perspective so please, post your thoughts below.

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