Your Selling Process Should Have a Main Character

customer questionsCan you imagine a movie or book without a main character? It would be rather pointless and quite frankly, boring. Does your selling process have a main character?

I’m not talking about you or me here. I’m talking about the main character of your selling process. Your customer or potential customer. The one whose business you are trying to get. The one that’s going to write you the purchase order. The one who funds your paycheck!

The Main Character

One of my grandsons, when he was about three years old, loved Thomas the Train. Now Thomas is not your ordinary train. He is the most famous train every three year old on the planet knows. He is Thomas the Train.

Now my grandson knew the name of every engine, the type of engine, he knew all about The Island of Sodor, he knew everything there was to know about Thomas the Train. He even knew all the words to the song!

Since I wasn’t as versed on Thomas as he was, I started telling him stories about a train that had the same name as my grandson. And since I had picked up a bit about Thomas, I used that foundation to build my stories around.

I made my grandson the main character of every story I told him. I made him the hero. He loved it. We have shared many hours of a bond so great that it will last throughout our lives.

He still wants me to tell him stories every time I see him. It makes both of us fee good. We smile, we laugh, we have fun together.

The Selling Process

I tell you that to say this; if you make your customer or potential customer the main character and build your selling process around it, you will build a relationship built on trust that will garner you more sales than you can ever imagine.

Tell your story in a way that your customer feels he already owns your product and is reaping the rewards of ownership.

  1. Make them feel good about themselves.
  2. Make them feel good about the product benefits.
  3. Make them feel good about doing business with you.
  4. Make them the main character of your selling process.

Increasing your sales is not about selling more products. It’s about having your customers give you more purchase orders because they want to. It’s about making them the main character of your selling process.


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