5 Ways Salespeople Can Increase Their Business Using Content Marketing

using content marketing
The value of content marketing is an essential element in business today. Without it, your chances of having a successful online presence is extremely limited. If you are using content marketing effectively, you can build a reputable online presence. You can then capitalize on the power that it brings and increase your business.

The Value of Using Content Marketing

If you are not using a content marketing plan in your business, it is the equivalent to screen doors on a submarine. This statement pretty much sums up the value of content marketing. But because I know you want to understand more about the value and how you can use it to increase your business, let me give you some reasons you should learn and implement it today.

Millennials are always on. The research shows, according to an article at Entrepreneur.com, millennials consume about 18 hours of media per day. Everything from Facebook to YouTube, to reading blogs, they are media hogs. Are they consuming your content? Hint: Using content marketing in one form or another is a highly effective way to attract their attention. And their business.

5 Ways to Effectively Use Content Marketing in Sales

1. Blogging. This one I have mentioned before and feel it is one of the most import elements of content marketing a salesperson can use. Whether you write blog articles for your company website or your own personal site, blogging tops the list. It lets you provide information your prospects and clients are looking for, when they want it.

Each day salespeople are making sales calls, either on the phone or face to face. Questions and issues come up. How do you handle them? One tip you can start using is to write a quick note about the issue or questions your clients have. Do this for a week. What you now have is a list of topics you can write about and post to your blog. This is one of the most effective ways of using content marketing.

When one of these questions or issues come up again, simply direct your prospect to your blog where they can find your thoughts on the subject. This makes you the authority, the one they go to for help.

2. Email. Communicating with email is powerful. Especially when you use a good CRM like the free one HubSpot offers. Not only can you send emails, you can send tracked email that tells you when your customer opens or not. This is a very powerful tool. Using content marketing in this manner puts you in control of the conversations.

There are numerous books on email marketing that will teach you the ins and outs of becoming effective at this form of marketing. I suggest you make it a priority and commit to learning how to get better at managing your email.

3. YouTube. Recently I purchased a new car, a Honda. The service at my dealership is the best I have ever experienced when purchasing a vehicle. After the sale, I received several emails from the salesperson, service manager and sales manager thanking me for the purchase. They also provide excellent links to content that helped me become familiar with my Honda.

There was one email that stood out and made me take notice. The salesperson that initiated the process, sent me an email with a link to say thanks. When I opened the link, it was a YouTube video of her in the showroom standing in front of their logo wall. The video was about 30 seconds where she welcomed me to the Honda family and expressed her sincere gratitude for the purchase.

That’s how you use YouTube as a highly effective form of content marketing. Are you doing anything close to this? Maybe you should. Maybe you should start with a good content marketing plan.

4. Facebook. Yes, I know, Facebook is nothing more than a big gossip, self promotion platform. True, but it is also one of the most effective methods of social content marketing. Since everybody has a Facebook account, why not use it as a means to discuss and promote your products and services. This is a highly effective method of using content marketing inside the social media industry.

5. Twitter. Don’t underestimate the value of Twitter as a content marketing method. If you look close enough, you will find there are people you know and even your competition tweeting. In just a couple hours each week you can create campaigns that will automatically post to Twitter even while you sleep. You never know when someone is looking for something you have to offer.

Using content marketing with the methods described here will help you get the word out that you are on top of your game. You will be the one prospects search out. Your customers and clients will value your input seeing you as the authority in your niche.

For sales people not using content marketing as part of their methods of attracting new customers and building relationships, I ask why not.

Hint: Pick one method above and master it. Once you have established yourself as proficient, then move to another. By doing the things I suggest here will put you way ahead of your competition.

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