Sales Negotiation Training Includes Two Types of Selling

sales-negotiation-trainingLearning to be effective at your chosen trade of sales, you will most likely take some sales negotiation training along the way.

Two things you should understand about sales is that there are basically two sides to selling. The art and the science. If you understand them both and apply them in balance, you will have a more successful career than if choose sides.

Sales Negotiation Training

Good sales negotiation training will include instruction on both methods. It’s up to you to learn to balance two sides of selling in your own selling style. The better you do this, the more successful you will be.

In my last post I posed the question, “of the two sides of selling, which one do you feel fits you the best?” I also asked this question on Linkedin and got a great response from Scott Runkle that I wanted to share.

A tough question, how about this perspective. It is often said the “Eagles” – the top 15-20% of sales people who are incredibly successful, are often naturals. The Michael Jordans of the world, they are highly successful yet often cannot explain why. For them perhaps it is an art in that selling comes naturally to them. For the rest of us – applying a science (or an analytic based sales process per se) can help drive far better outcomes. It provides consistencies for managing the sales cycle, the sales pipeline, how people sell, etc. The research is very clear that companies who use a sales process do far better than those companies who do not, the key is to understand your buyers and align a sales process to what is needed to drive success.

The Balancing Act

Some salespeople are much better at the “art” of selling which is the finesse side of things while others lean more to the “science” which is the analytical side.

Both are capable of doing well but if the art of selling can balance with the science of selling the results can be staggering.

A good sales negotiation training program will cater to the art with a heavy dose of science. Learning to understand what the customer or prospect wants and to communicate your solution is an art.

But if you don’t have the science ducks or process in a row, you may leave your customer wanting more. Insuring the sales process is followed, covers all the bases allowing for the grand slam.

You Need Both
If you are a sales trainer, you need to cover both sides of selling. If you are a sales manager you should insure everyone knows the difference and learns to balance the two.

If you are the salesman, do what you do best but be sure to include some good sales negotiation training that covers both sides, so you can get better at what you do.

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Your Turn
What is your point of view to the two sides of selling? Post your comments.

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