The Robot Salesman and His Two Twin Cousins

robot salesmanAre you one of those salesman that shows up every Tuesday just to write down the weekly stock order then leave? No communication, no questions, no plan? If you are, then you are what I call a Robot Salesman. Simply programed to do a function with no intelligent thought process.

Don’t misunderstand me when I say write down the weekly order. Orders are good. You want all you can get. But here’s the deal.

The Robot Salesman

First, let me start by telling you what I call a robot salesman. What I think it really is. It’s the salesperson, and I use the term lightly, who really doesn’t want any interaction with the customer. They only want to check the stock shelves, write the order for next week’s delivery and leave.

There is no pre-planning to find ways to increase their value in the eyes of the customer.

What, Use a Plan?

But what if you had a plan to show your customer a new product. Maybe one that could save them some money or hours of time?

Now there’s an idea. Provide value. Give your customer a cost saving solution. Show up on Thursday, with a preset appointment and plan. Build a relationship.

Once you understand you have the potential to do these things, there’s a good chance your customer will stick with you when your competitor comes knocking on his door.

The Two Cousins

Closely related to the robot salesman are his two first cousins, No Plan Dan and No Clue Sue.

First there’s “No Plan Dan” whom as you noticed is very closely related to Robot Salesman. He rolls with the flow. What ever floats his boat today is how he is. Pick a straw, any straw. That’s what he talks to his customers about today. Even if his customer has absolutely no need or interest in his straw of the day.

Then there’s “No Clue Sue” who just like her name indicates, she has no clue. Sales people like this just want to show up and smile. “How are things today?” “Do you need anything this week?”

If this is how you approach your sales career, I strongly suggest you either find a new career path or get a grip. Learn about your customer’s needs and problems and then solve them.

The Good News

Yes, there is good news in all of this. You have the potential in you to be better. You chose sales as a career so learn and hone your craft to be the best. Read books, study successful salespeople in your industry. Find a mentor.

Don’t settle for same-o-same-o. Be different, be better, and knock the socks off your competitors.

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Get Better at What You Do.

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