My 3 Words for 2018

Words. We all live and die by words. Some will encourage, others will direct your life, some make you think, while some entertain. Since I want to help you get better at being your best, I have chosen my 3 words for 2018.

Why three words rather than just one or maybe four? By choosing just one word, it loses it’s impact. It simply becomes another word you will soon forget


New Requires Change in Perception

New requires change in perception. It’s a process of becoming aware. Take this example to thought. New and improved. How many times have you seen this advertised on products at the store? Or on the television? Plenty of times.

But, if it is new, how can it be improved? Wouldn’t it have to already exist to be improved? New, to an old product simply requires change in perception. Not a new product.