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I was looking for an idea generator for a blog post but was coming up empty. Trying to be specific about my thought process wasn’t producing any ideas that I felt were blog worthy. My idea generator, my mind, seemed to be disconnected to any and all interesting topics. At least the ones that interested me at the time.

That is until I had realized that my thoughts were coming at me in a random pattern. That’s it! I’ll write a random blog post. Whatever the ideas that come to mind as I started writing would be the basis of my next post, this one. I think this just might be the perfect idea generator for me. So hang on. This could get very interesting.

My Perfect Idea Generator

To get things started, I’ll start with me. I may not be among the elite blogging community and there are very few, if any that would likely remember me commenting on their blog posts. Isn’t commenting on other’s blogs a way to help you get noticed? But I do enjoy writing my blog, or should I say blogs? I have several.

One thing I have struggled with is coming up with ideas. I have never had such a perfect idea generator as this random post. Or is it really so random? Maybe there is a point and I’m not just rambling.

How Random is This?
Another thing I am not is a food blogger. I do enjoy eating good food though. Why would I even want to blog about food? There are plenty of them. I mean, really. How many ways can you cook bacon or burgers?

Sports fanatic? Not me. I haven’t watched a full Cowboys football game since Walt Garrison retired in 1975. Look him up. It was a long time ago. So blogging about football would not be a good fit for me.

Fashion? Well, let me just say this. I wear jeans and tee-shirts. So no, fashion is not my forte’. What is a forte’ anyway?

How about extreme outdoors? Nope. That’s not for me either so not a chance I would blog about such a topic. Not that there is anything wrong with extreme outdoors, I do occasionally watch shows about it like Survivor. Okay, so that’s a bit extreme in itself but hey, I enjoy it.

More Random Thoughts.
Before you get bored reading what my random blog post idea generator came up with and run to another random post, stick with me. There just may be a point to the randomness of all this rambling.

I’m not a car or truck enthusiast who lives and breaths automobiles. But I have been to some drag races but never NASCAR. So this is not something I would be interested in writing about nor would it be interesting if I did for you to read.

Sewing is not something I would ever blog about. Nor is soap making or scrapbooking. They just don’t resonate with me. How about low carb diets? Nope. That’s not me either. I like bacon and burgers. You need fresh ideas.

Is There a Point to All this Randomness?

Actually there is. I have read many times, as well as experienced this myself, where people want to start a blog but get stuck trying to find ideas or topics to write about. Some call it writer’s block but I call it running into a brick wall. It can sometimes be hard to get past.

That’s why my thought process turned to the idea generator or random blog post idea. I thought if I could just start rambling that the ideas would flow better than if I just sat and stared at a blank screen. Like Nike says, “just do it”.

So as I started this method of writing, my mind became “unlocked” and now in just a matter of a few minutes, I’m up to over 625 words into this post. Not only that, as I write freely, I find myself taking on a direction with my blogging. So yes, there is a point to my ramblings.

If you have not noticed the pattern just yet, keep reading.

Free Your Mind

When you run into your brick blogging wall, or any wall that shuts down your creativity, just start rambling. Soon you will find that your mind is freed up of any notions that you have to write an epic (My youngest grandson loves that word. He’s almost 6.) blog post. Just write whatever comes into your brain at the moment. Just as I did about the word epic.

You may be thinking that this sort of craziness is just that, crazy and that you would never waste your time with such random thoughts. That’s fine. But sooner or later you are going to find yourself up against that blogging brick wall. You will have to find a way to bust through it or you will suffer many long days of the dreadful blogging dry spell. So what do you have to lose?

You see, the point is that you will run into snags with your blogging. Especially if you are just getting started. You may find that ideas are storming you like a cavalry of Storm Troupers from all the Star Wars movies. You need the force to be with you.

It’ Okay to be Random
Don’t be shy or unwilling to try something different. Just because it may seem a bit crazy at the time, doesn’t mean it is not a great idea generator for getting those blogging juices to flowing again. Try being a bit random from time to time.

If you will simply try this method of using a random post as an idea generator, I really do think that you will find your mind running freely, firing on all cylinders. That’s what you want. Lots of ideas that you can round-up then harness to your blogging plow.

Let the seeds of your mind blossom into a grand forest of many worthy blog posts. Who knows, maybe, just maybe someone will take notice and share your blog posts with the world.

If your goal is to join the elite blogging community of those who have learned and honed their craft into a force to be reckoned with, you now have one more weapon in your arsenal. A smart blogger once said, it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen over many nights. Regardless of what your goal is, find what works for you and take it beyond your limits. That’s how you grow.

My Conclusion

Never give up, never lose your passion. Keep your mind free of clutter and focused on the prize. It’s ok to take random paths to achieve your goals. Because you will learn there is no direct path you can take to anywhere. There are however, very specific things you must do in order to reach your destination and being a bit random may just be your most direct route.

If you are looking for the perfect idea generator, the random blog post just may be what you need. Try it from time to time to see where it leads you.

Blogging greatness? Maybe.

But self satisfaction knowing you are on the right path, absolutely.

As Zig Ziglar once said, “I’ll see you at the top”.

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