Old Dogs Can’t Learn to Blog But You Sure Can

learn to blogIt’s true, old dogs can’t learn to blog so be glad your not a dog. However, if you’re not embracing this little piece of technology, then you might as well crawl back in the doghouse with your tail tucked between your legs.

I may be bit harsh but let me tell you this. If you want to stand out in your industry, if you want to be the go to guy, if you want people to know you have the solution, if you want customers calling you rather than you chasing them like a dog chasing a car, then you need to learn to blog.

Your Customers Are Searching For You

You may not believe this but your customers are searching online for solutions long before they call you. Let me give you a good example.

Yesterday I got a phone call from a guy who happened to be in town, looking for a particular product. It was one that our competition is selling him but they had it on backorder and he needed something to complete his job now.

Already There

Since the company I work for doesn’t carry that product, I suggested another one, one that we do carry and had in stock. I told him the name of it and as I was getting ready to direct him to our website and blog with information on the product, he simply said, “I’m already there.”

He started searching online for a solution before he made the phone call. My blog came up and the solution was right at his fingertips.

Are people searching for your products?

Think about this, what if when people search the internet, your blog is what they find? What if they find a solution, a perfect answer for exactly what they need to solve their problem, and what if that solution is on your blog? I’ll tell you what happens, they call you. They call you to ask more about the solution or even to schedule an appointment. You instantly gain credibility. And get this; you just increased your chances of making a sale without all the objections.

You Must Learn to Blog

If for no other reason than this, you need to learn to blog. It is such a great tool that I just do not understand why more sales people don’t open their eyes and see all the opportunities that blogging can bring them.

Yes, it is true that old dogs can’t blog, but unless you are an old dog, you better start today and learn to blog. Start now and embrace technology.

And remember, your blog is a reflection of you.

Your Turn

Tell me about your blogging experience.

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