New Requires Change in Perception

change in perception

Things will change.

New requires change in perception. It’s a process of becoming aware. Take this example to thought. New and improved. How many times have you seen this advertised on products at the store? Or on the television? Plenty of times. 

But, if it is new, how can it be improved? Wouldn’t it have to already exist to be improved? New, to an old product simply requires change in perception. Not a new product.

Take you for example. You’re not new. Nor am I. We both have been around for years. But in order for us to improve, it requires change in our perception. My perception, your perception and the perception of how others see you. Take a step back and look at how others perceive you. If you don’t like what you see, change.

Change in Perception

To be new, something has to change. We have to give up something to gain something else. To be more we have to do more. Doing more simply means change how things are now. 

Change the time of day you wake up and read a daily devotional. Exercise. Meditate. Pray. Do something different. Change.

When you do change, the perception changes too. You grow. You become more. You create a better  you.

It’s up to you. You’ve heard this a thousand times. If you don’t do anything different, don’t expect anything to be different. But I know you want things to be different, to be better. 

So what’s holding you back? Today, right now, commit to change. Change your perception of you so others will see the change you make in others.

Yes, new requires change in perception. Your perception of then and now. Change now, so that tomorrow you can be new.

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