Moving Forward with the Power of a Ripple

moving forward
Today was Easter. The service this morning was an outdoor service by the lake. The water was calm as a slight breeze rustled the leaves, and the sun was sifting it’s way through the trees. There was a peace over everyone there. I felt blessed. The sermon was about moving forward.

Here’s my take on this powerful message.

The power of a ripple

As the pastor began speaking, he was talking about walls. Our lives are full of stuff, and many times we build walls that inhibit us from living a life of peace and love as Christ wants us to do.

Trump wants to build a wall to keep countries out. You and I build walls to keep each other out. But consider this.

If there were no walls, no barriers between us and peace, how much more fulfilled would our lives be?

A ripple has great power. When you throw a stone in the water, it doesn’t stop once you can no longer see it. It keeps going.

Moving forward we should be ripples

If we were to be like a ripple, a stone thrown in the water, we could spread good forever. If the ripple is stopped by an opposing force, throw another stone in the water to create more ripples.

That is where I’m at. Moving forward, I want to help you by being a ripple. A ripple that helps you learn, commit, create and communicate by being you. By spreading the good, by encouraging you as best that I know how, I want to be the ripple.

As you start your journey through life and even in this digital world, be a ripple. We need more ripples of good.

You may be wondering what ripples have to do with the main theme of this site. It’s all about creating good content, being of good character, forgiving, as well as encouraging others in your writing and life.

It’s about moving forward.

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