Your Method of Selling Is it Art or Is it Science

method of sellingOkay folks, here’s my official take on the two methods of selling, the art and science of selling. Without the science, there is no selling. Hold on art guys, I’ll get to you in a moment but first the science.

What Is Your Method of Selling?

I recently asked about the two sides of selling, the art and the science. This is my take.

The science starts with your method of prospecting and contacting a prospect. The next step of course is the discovery, find opportunities. Then you move to your method of presenting (getting closer to the art). And finally signing the deal.

The science is fundamental in getting from point A to B. It doesn’t normally change. Logic applies; 1 then 2, then 3, etc. The Science.

Now for the fun part, the art. How you interact with the prospect or customer is the art. Your personality, your demeanor, your likability, your ability to “connect” and interact is what makes it an art.

Because there are multiple personalities in play, this is why it can be quite complicated. Some salespeople are very art focused and do quite well. But if they only focused a bit more on the science, I think they could be even better.

There is way more to the art of selling but without the science, the selling can’t start. In other words, you can’t close until you have made contact.

So for me, and many of you I’m certain, yes, it is both. Normally a person is stronger at one over the other. My suggestion is to know which is your strong suit and then incorporate the other to get better at what you do.

I’m not suggesting by any means that you change your method of selling. It wouldn’t be you. I am saying that if you consciously study both methods and incorporate both types of selling into your routine, you will see a measurable increase in your close rate.

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One thought on “Your Method of Selling Is it Art or Is it Science

  • August 2, 2014 at 7:58 pm

    A tough question, how about this perspective. It is often said the “Eagles” – the top 15-20% of sales people who are incredibly successful, are often naturals. The Michael Jordans of the world, they are highly successful yet often cannot explain why. For them perhaps it is an art in that selling comes naturally to them. For the rest of us – applying a science (or an analytic based sales process per se) can help drive far better outcomes. It provides consistencies for managing the sales cycle, the sales pipeline, how people sell, etc. The research is very clear that companies who use a sales process do far better than those companies who do not, the key is to understand your buyers and align a sales process to what is needed to drive success.


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