Let Your Journey Define Your Path, Not a Map

moon__highwayLet Your Journey Define Your Path. As I read these words, they reminded me of a vacation my wife and I took a number of years ago when we went to Boston. We flew in then rented a car and started out on our chosen path. We had everything mapped out exactly the way we wanted to experience our trip. For the most part everything went as planned until…

Following Your Map

We had followed our map, our path across Massachusetts to Vermont seeing all the covered bridges and churches we had pinned on our well laid out map. We hit all the restaurants we had chosen. Then as we headed back into Boston, things changed.

It started to rain. It rained a lot. In fact, it rained so much they started closing roads before we got back into Boston. There were detours. We were no longer following our path.

We knew the general direction we needed to go in order to get to our hotel, but could no longer follow our chosen path.

That’s when we let our journey define our path. Not a map.

As the rain kept pouring down, we finally looked up and we were just one block away from our hotel. Yet, another detour. The road to the entrance was closed. And we could see the hotel, it was right there.

After talking with the police officer who blocking the road, he instructed us on how we could get into the parking garage of the hotel. We did and we realized it was one of the best journeys we have ever experienced.

Let Your Journey Define Your Path

I tell you this to get to this point. The very best thought out and designed plans don’t always get you to where or what you want. There will be detours.

Should you throw away your map? No. Should you have a back-up plan? Not necessarily.
What you do need is an understanding that life will throw things at you that are unexpected.

That’s when you have to adapt and follow the path that life lays out for you. As the song says, let it go. Life’s a journey that will take you down unknown paths.

The great thing about this is you will end up exactly where you are supposed to be. Start out with a plan, that’s something you definitely should do.

But remember, let your journey define your path, not a map.(you’ll have lots more fun)

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