It’s Time to Do a Little Competition Research – What Will You Find?

competition researchToday you don’t have to worry about starting a blog or even why you should start a blog. All I want you to do is a little competition research.

Whether you are just beginning your sales career, trying to start a business, or even if you are a seasoned sales professional, you need to know what your competition is doing. Or in this case, what they are not doing.

Competition Research Starts Now

I’ve been talking a lot about why you should have a blog, especially if you are in sales or even a business owner. But for this post today I’ll be talking more about doing a bit of competition research. Everybody wants to know what the other guys are up to. However, I want you to see what they are NOT up to. So here’s your assignment.

Jump over to Google for some competition research but be prepared for what you may find. For most industries, especially the brick and mortar businesses that have an outside sales force, you will find that their websites read like an over glorified business card.

You will be hard pressed to find any of them that have a blog. For those that do have one, you need to make a note as to what they are saying. Sign up for my email updates and you will know all that’s going on here.

What Are They Talking About

As you conduct your competition research and you find those who are blogging, notice the content. Is it just a bunch of technical garbage or do you get a sense that they are talking to you?

If it’s technical garbage, then you should be able to blow them out of the water so to speak. If you feel a connection, what are they saying? Does it feel like a conversation? Do you have a better understanding of their company and products?

What’s Next?

Now that you have done a bit of competition research, it’s time to analyze what you found out. It’s real simple here folks. Throw out most of the technical garbage and start talking to your customers.

Talk to them in a way that they will feel connected to you. Let them know that you understand their problems and issues. Connect with the on a personal level, make a connection.

And teach them. Let them know the good and the bad of your products. Be honest, tell them if your product is not a good fit for them. Then find them someone who can help.

If your product is a good solution, give them examples of how it has helped someone else and how it can do the same for them.

Keep it Going

Each week you should do your competition research. If you find they are doing something you feel is really good, then you need to do it really great.

I don’t want you to get caught up to the point where you are focusing all your time and energy on the competition, but just know what they are doing so you can do it better.

And how do you do it better? Make your blog simply outstanding. Post to it regularly and keep it going.

You’re Up

Let me know what you found out while doing your competition research. Do they have a blog?

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