It Doesn’t Matter Which Blogging Platform You Use – Just Pick One

blogging platformIndecisiveness will stop you dead in your tracks, so just pick a blogging platform and get it in gear. Notice I did not say be hasty, as that would be a total train wreck. What I did say is make a decision, pick your blogging platform and get your blog on the map.

Should you do research on which platform to use? Of course, you should. Not doing your research would like jumping out of an airplane and grabbing a parachute as you start your free fall and then trying to put it on.

How Many Blogging Platforms Does It Take

When choosing your blogging platform you just don’t need to analyze everyone you read about then sit there and do nothing. Pick the one you feel will suit your needs, set it up, and start blogging. Believe me on this, you will learn as you go but you will never know until you wake up and get out of bed.

What The Marines Taught Me

make a choice
One thing I learned while in the Marines was to make decisions. You learn to quickly analyze the situation, make a decision then go with it.

You also learn that if the first decision you make is not the right one you quickly change course and keep moving. Never let indecisiveness stop you from getting started. The objective must be accomplished.

I remember as a 21 year old Corporal, I was reconciling the status of a captains communication gear. I had it marked as waiting parts, which it was. This Captain wanted me to upgrade the status to in-process just so his report would look better to his Major.

Make The Decision

I had a decision to make. I knew what was right but I also felt pressure from this Captain. I respectfully declined his request to arbitrarily change the status of his equipment and stuck to my guns. I further explained to the officer that I was obligated to do the right thing.

A few months later that same Captain meritoriously promoted me to Sargent.

I Choose WordPress

As you already know, WordPress is one of the more popular blogging platforms today. Right out of the gate, it is pretty simple, straightforward and easy to use. If you choose it, embrace it and learn how to use it to your advantage. If you choose another blogging platform, do the same. Just make the decision and get started. Don’t dilly dally around.

It’s Okay to Change

Regardless of which blogging platform you decide to use, or which theme suits your needs best, you may find that you want a different platform. That’s okay. Make a quick change and keep moving forward. Just don’t be a flip flopper jumping from one to another.

Once you make a decision on your blogging platform, you will then begin to learn the ins and outs of blogging, content marketing, SEO and all that goes with the territory. You can then stake your claim on your piece of this digital world.

Your Turn

Tell me about the blogging platform you are using and why you like it. I would like to know.

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