Improve Customer Service with These Quick Fixes

improve-customer-serviceYour customer service is not what it should be. You know it and your customers definitely know it.

If you keep on the path of “don’t talk to your customers” you won’t have to worry about it much longer. Your customers will simply vanish from your radar. That is until they surface on your competitors screen.

If you want to improve customer service, try these quick fixes that will get instant results to wow and retain your customers.

Improve Customer Service Get Instant Results

If you’re not doing these three things you have no real customer service. Well, I suppose you could call it “real bad” service but that is certainly not what you want.

Folks, this is not nuclear science here, rather the very basics of how to improve customer service. Something you should already know and be doing.

1. Follow-Up – To me, this is one of the very most important aspects of customer service. Once the issue at hand has been resolved, follow up. A phone call works best, but an email or post card works great too. You shouldn’t have to be told this. Just do it and watch the positive results. You like it when you get attention and especially after an issue you have had and so does your customer.
(I could actually stop here. This one simple concept is huge in the eyes of your customers.)

2. Greet Your Customers – This is especially important for managers. When a customer or potential customer comes into your place of business, greet them. Welcome them and let them know you care. That’s right “care” is the key action here. Don’t just hide in your office or or duck your head. Acknowledge the person as someone who wants to give you money. After all, that’s what customers do.

3. See Number One – Yep, it’s that important.

You will greatly improve customer service with just these two basic realities.

It’s up to you to improve customer service and retain your customer and their business.

If you simply talk about these things as though you do them, yet in real life you ignore them all-together, you have no customer service.

It takes a true caring attitude to transfer your feelings to your customer but if you do, the results are enormous.

Implement these actions into your daily routine and get ready for desirable results that will have your customer singing your song.

Improve Customer Service with These Quick Fixes
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Improve Customer Service with These Quick Fixes
Treat every customer or potential customer as the individual they are. Let them know they are the most important part of your business.
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