How to Get Started Writing Your Blog Post by Using Questions

writing your blog postIf you don’t know how to get started writing your blog post, think of it this way. Your customers ask questions every day. Those questions, the ones your customers ask you every day is where you start.

I’m talking about the questions you can answer in your sleep, the questions that have become second nature, a part of who you are.

Those are the questions that you should focus on that will get you started writing your blog post.

Writing Your Blog Post Gets Easier

You know well enough that if you have a task to do, the hardest part is to get started. Yet once you do get started, the task becomes quite easy and before you know it, it is complete.  If you started writing your blog post in this fashion life would be much easier.

Writing your blog post is sort of like exercising. How many times have you said to yourself that you are going to start an exercise routine just to give it up long before you see any results? Yep, that’s exactly what I thought.

The Difference

But here’s the difference between starting an exercise program and writing your blog post. When it comes to exercise, you don’t have a built in set of motivators that will excite you enough to get started.

writing your blog postGetting started with writing your blog post is much different. Your customers have already provided you with the best source of topics you will ever have, their questions. Just make a list of them and they become the headline of your post or articles.

A Good Example of a Customer Question

Being in the janitorial supply business, I get all sorts of questions every day. I keep a list of them to use as topics for many of my blog posts.

One question that I get lots of web traffic from is concerning cleaning with bleach. Again, this is the easiest way to come up with titles for writing your blog post. I challenge you to do the same. Start your list today and start writing and posting your answers.

Your Turn

How do you get started when it comes to writing your blog post? Do you have a secret method that motivates you? Tell us about it.

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