How Do I Want to Be Remembered? The Answer is Simple

When you hear or when you are asked, “How Do You Want to Be Remembered”, can you instantly give an answer? I will be willing to bet you have never given it too much thought. Or have you?

If you take the time to think about the question, I’m sure you can come up with an answer. But is it how you really want to be remembered? Some of you will relate it to your work. You built multi-million dollar companies. Others may say that you are a good mom or dad. And then there are those of you who will simply say that it won’t matter to you anyway.

Maybe not, but will it matter to those you leave behind? If you are not sure, ask them before you go.

This Is How I Want to Be Remembered

When anyone asks me how I want to be remembered, I can give a definitive answer.

“I want to be remembered as a loving grandfather who built unbreakable bonds with my grandkids while creating lasting memories by telling and sharing stories with them that will be told for generations to come.”

It’s that simple.

In my stories, when we play, as we laugh as we just talk, they are at that moment, the center of the world, the galaxy, the universe.

Of course there is more, much more that creates our unbreakable bonds, but one thing I know for certain, when together we have a blast. We laugh, we hug, we knuckle bump, we get a bit silly and corny, but in the end, we connect with unbreakable bonds.

You can read more about my inspiration, my grandkids, at Galaxy GrandKids.

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