How Do I Improve My Sales?

how do I improve my salesHow Do I Improve My Sales? A simple question that gets asked alot, but the answers are far from simple. Or maybe they are? This is a question that gets asked over and over especially among those new to sales and you could spend weeks looking for the right answers. As I was researching this I noticed that most of the answers were very general and really didn’t address the core behind the question.

Change Your Pattern

Sure everybody wants to know how to improve sales, but how do you improve your sales? My first response is to act like a consultant not a salesperson. After all, that’s what a salesperson should be.

Break out of the typical stereotype of the pushy sales guy. Change your sales pattern. Learn to listen more, talk less but when you do talk, respond to your customer or potential customer in a way that will be helpful by offering solutions to their concerns.

It’s as Zig Ziglar said, If you help enough other people get what they want, then you will always get what you want. That is the foundation to the question how do I improve my sales.

Some Say This, Some Say That

Let me get a bit specific and to the point of helping you improve your sales. First remember you are now a consultant, not just a run of the mill sales guy or gal.

Do This. Research your potential customers. Find out all you can about them.
Don’t Do This. Don’t just pick up the phone and try to make the sale. (waste of time sort of like cold calling)
Do This. Design a very specific set of questions to ask your newly researched opportunities.
Don’t Do This. Don’t try to make a sale on your first call. Hint: They don’t know you!
Do This. Start a dialog from your list of questions. Another hint: Introductions.
Don’t Do This. Jump right to closing.
Do This. Promise to send information for them to review.
Don’t Do This. Promise and not follow through.
Do This. Follow up!

Following this Do and Don’t list will get you started on the right track to improved sales. It may sound simple and a bit elementary, but are you doing these things now? If not try for two weeks and measure your results. You may be surprised at the results you get.

Are there other ways you can improve your sales?
Absolutely. If you are willing to learn and be a student of people and the sales process, which there are lots of them, then sign up for my updates. I’ll do my best to help and hopefully you can then answer the question, How Do I Improve My Sales.

Get Better at What You Do!

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