How Creating Content Inspires Long After It Is Read

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One of the things I want to accomplish is to learn how, by creating content, I can inspire someone long after they have read it and moved on. I want it to be inspiring enough that days, weeks or even years later, someone remembers what I wrote. I suppose anyone who writes a blog, a book or any type of content, aspires for the same results.

But how do you do it?

Let me tell you a story. When my first grandson was born, I knew he and I would have a special bond. It started with me telling him stories long before he could understand. As he grew, I would walk with him in my arms along pathways lined with trees, flowers, lots of green plants, and bamboo.

As we walked together I would point out the names or types of various plants. I would let him explore them by touching them.

There was lots of bamboo. I repeated the word many times. As I did, so did he. Still a child under the age of one, he and I began our bonding journey. One that will never be broken.

Almost nine years later, we still have that bond.

He and I have shared many experiences such as this, since the days of the bamboo. As we both grow older, our bond has grown stronger.

How creating content inspires

If you have children or grandchildren, as you read my story, I’m certain that you can relate. You have your memories, your stories, your inspiring moments.

If you want to know how creating content can inspire someone for a lifetime, share your stories. That’s where you will find the answer.

Ever since the beginning of time, there have been stories told that are still told today. The story of Moses, the story of the resurrection of Christ, the stories your grandfather told.

Stories bring life to content.

The world cannot exist without stories. Stories cannot exist without content. As you learn the art of creating content, you will find stories are the solidifying bond between the storyteller and the one who consumes the story.

As I move forward through my journey of creating content, I hope that one of my stories will inspire you. Inspire you in a way that you too can feel the joy I do, as I tell the stories of my grandchildren.

The world needs more people to spread joy. Let your stories bring life to the content you create. Let your content spread joy.

Be like the ripple created as you throw a stone into the water. It doesn’t stop just because you no longer see it. Let your content, your stories of inspiration be like the ripples in the water.

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