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change in perception

New Requires Change in Perception

Things will change. New requires change in perception. It’s a process of becoming aware. Take this example to thought. New and improved. How many times have you seen this advertised on products at the store? ...
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communicate with passion

Communicate with Passion

Communicate with Passion…All the Time Communicate. Communicate your vision, your intent; do it with dedication, determination and passion. When you communicate these things with every ounce of passion inside you, with determination by letting the ...
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what do you want to do

What Do You Want to Do?

It’s a question we’ve been asked before. What do you want to do? We’ve been asked this questions what seems like millions of times in our lifetimes. I ask myself this question and I’ll bet ...
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struggle with what to write

If You Struggle with What to Write, Do This…

I often struggle with what to write which tends to lead me to not writing anything at all. I then get aggravated with myself so I turn to reading stuff on the social networks. Then ...
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speak up

Speak Up to Succeed – People Are Not Mindreaders

You have to speak up to be heard One of the words I have chosen to focus on is, communicate, to speak up. Ironically I was reading an article about the one quality that all ...
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making a living online

Making a Living Online or Just Hopes and Dreams

Do you have hopes and dreams of making a living online? Maybe your vision is living the good life, hanging out on the beach working only a few hours a day. You have read lots ...
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broken process

A Broken Process Can’t Be Fixed with a Simple Band-Aid

You may find yourself faced with what may seem like impossible odds from time to time. A broken process, poor or no planning. No accountability. No way to win. What do you do? When I ...
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starting point

Your Starting Point Is Closer than You Think It Is

I’m no longer a spring chicken. I would say that by most standards, I’m somewhat past the middle. But this doesn’t mean I’m nearing the end. Far from it. Actually, I feel like I’m at ...
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The Journey Starts Here

One thing I have learned along the course of my life, is the fact that the potential to be great is in you just waiting to burst out. You simply have to tap into it to be the very best at what you do.

Let me invite you to stick with me on this journey. It's time to be awesome.

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