To Be Good at Sales You First Have to Be Good at Other Things

customer relation managementBefore you can be good at sales, you have to be good at other things. And so I can get it out of the way, talkin’ is not one of those things. Believe it or not but sales really doesn’t have anything to do with talking, but I’m sure you know this. Or do you?

I’ve interviewed people in the past who told me they are really good at sales because they have the gift of gab. They love talking to people What they really love is listening to themselves talk.

If You Want to Be good at Sales

I was in a discussion with a salesman about the fact that his customer told him he would buy his product from him again this season. Basically promising him the sale. As it came time for the salesman to close the deal in order to get the product in on time, this salesman went to his customer to get the order.

It didn’t happen. Already bought it from another company.

Though the salesman had been selling to this customer for years, he had not built in the factor of loyalty. Could it be the customer no longer saw value in doing business with him? Could price have been a factor? Sure, these are possibilities.

But I surmise that the salesman wasn’t in contact with the customer enough to build a strong and loyal bond to sustain the business when the competition showed up.

Regardless of what you may think, people still buy from people. And if you are not continually building the strength of relationships, listening to your customer and nurturing that relationship, then you can’t blame the customer for buying from someone who did.

If you want to be good at sales, you first have to be good at building relationships.

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