Getting In the Groove for an Awesome 2018

getting in the groove

Resolutions, promises, goals, bucket list, or simply getting in the groove for 2018. You know as well as I do, new year’s resolutions are meant to be broken. It’s not our intention, but it is a reality. We want things to be better so we set a resolution. A goal. But before February ends, all we have are broken pieces of good intentions.

Getting in the Groove

So let’s make 2018 different. Forget the resolutions and the goals. When you set these lofty expectations of yourself, you are setting yourself to fail. Miserably. There’s a better way to keep you on track. No goals, no resolutions, just getting in the groove. 

You already know what you want to accomplish. You know what you want to obtain. But what so many don’t know, and you may be one of the many, is that you have to imagine yourself already where you want to be. 

You have to find your groove. Do something to get your self headed in the right direction, then keep at it. To help you get in your groove, I suggest you set yourself 3 words to guide you through the year.

You need motivation.

I hope you do find three words to guide you through the year. And even if you do, you will still find that you need some motivation or mentorship to help you stick to the plan. Timothy Ferriss is one of the most motivating guys you will find. I highly recommend you read his book to make 2018 your best year yet.

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