When Fresh Ideas Get Stuck in Your Head, Don’t Let Them Get Squished

Have you ever had any fresh ideas that resonated with you to the point that it was all you could think about? I’m talking waking up at 3:00 am can’t get it out of your mind kind of idea. It’s sort of like that song you hear that gets stuck in your head for days. It just won’t leave you alone. I suppose we all have had fresh ideas like that.

So here’s what I’ve been thinking lately. Well, actually I’ve been thinking about it for years. If you know me at all, you know I enjoy the ins and outs of what goes into making the internet what it is. From the technical side of things (not that I consider myself a geek and have to know every little bit of code) but more about what makes things tick.

Don’t Let Your Fresh Ideas Get Squished

How does all the marketing, blogging, ecommerce and yes, the geeky stuff come together so that not only will someone find it on Google, but what is it that makes you come back time and time again? Okay so that’s not an SEO reader friendly sentence. But hey, this is my blog so it’s okay with me.

To my point, I have been reading blogs for years. I’ve read lots of articles on all this stuff and just when I think I may have a clue as to how it works and what I want to do, along comes cousin Google with a zoo full of changes to the algorithm. (Sorry all you non-geeky types. Maybe I’m a bit more geeky than I thought.) My fresh ideas tend to get squished.

The point is, I let my own thoughts and ideas get in the way of what I really want to do which is to write articles and bits of information that people will enjoy reading and post them on my blog.

If I can do that, if I can tell a story that you can relate to, or provide you with some information that helps you resolve an issue or gives you fresh ideas, then maybe I’ll be able to let go of this idea of mine that is stuck in my head. I think that is when I’ll be able to find the tranquility of writing. When you enjoy reading my blog, as much as you like that song from 1973 that gets stuck in your head, then I’ll smile knowing I was a part of making a difference in your life.

Before you run off, do me a favor. If you enjoyed my ramblings, share it with about a half a million people. If you don’t know that many, share it with those you do know. I would appreciate it.

One other thing, can you leave a comment below to let me know what song, or fresh ideas, are stuck in your head?

Till next time you may want to check out this book by John Maxwell.

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  1. Well said Ocha! I know exactly what you mean.. It happens to me too! Mine are usually decorating ideas!! Then I get on Pinterest or online to see if I can find something that comes close to making my idea even better!! Yes I’m a Pinterest addict!! My bad!! But hey it’s a good tool for great ideas!!

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