Effective Email Communication Doesn’t Start With The Send Button

effective email communicationYour email is composed and ready to send to a new prospect. You know it will be the best and most effective email communication you have ever sent.

You hover over the send button double checking that everything is ready to send.

“Click” Your email is on the way. You feel good about it at first then you start to second guess yourself.

Even though the email you wrote was a sure fire winner, at least in your mind, that is not how effective email communication works.

Did You Click Send Too Soon?

You’re in sales, right? You have sent thousands of emails, right? You know how it’s done, right?

Okay, if that’s all right, let me ask you one thing. Did you pre-think what you were going to say to Ms. New Prospect?

Does she know anything about you? Is she expecting your email?

Chances are if it is a new prospect, the answers are no. So how does this make it an effective email communication and how is it going to be perceived? Will it even get opened?

How Effective Email Communication Works

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Long before you even consider sending an email to a new prospect there are several things you must do before clicking the send button.

6 Tips to Sending Effective Email

1. Do your research on the prospect. Know all you can about her and the company she works for. Check their website, and any other publications you can find on them. Know them better than they know themselves.

2. Pick up the phone and call. Simply asking for “the owner” won’t cut it. Introduce yourself to whomever answers the phone. Let them know your agenda. You feel you have a product that could save them a gazillion man hours in a year and you would like to start a dialogue with Ms. Prospect.

3. Then you can ask for the contact information. If you can’t get the information of the person you want to do business with, ask to send a short introduction email to the person that answers. Be sure it is a short intro and not your 40 page bio.

4. Ask for a response. You want to be sure you are getting through by asking for a response which is a crucial point. Also, ask that they forward it to Ms. Prospect and let them know you will follow up with a phone call.

5. How do you get permission to send further emails? You pick up the phone and call. Keep it short and respect your prospect’s time. Ask them if they got the email you sent to the person who answered the phone.

6. Ask for permission. Now that you have the contact information be certain you have permission to send your information in an effective email communication. Never send unwanted “spam” email. You will be blackballed.

6 Plus. Follow up. Always follow up. This will make for a much more effect email communication than simply clicking the send button. You can now send them the information on saving them the gazillion man hours.

The prospect will respect you a thousand times more than if you simply send a lame email that is void of substance.

Sales Tip: Effective email communication starts by building a foundation with the prospect long before you ever click the send button.

E-Mail: A Write It Well Guide (Write It Well Series on Business Communication)

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