Duck Dynasty Values vs. A&E

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duck dynasty valuesThe Duck Dynasty Values and A&E have been at odds lately and the only way you wouldn’t know about it is if you live in a cave. But even then, this sort of news spreads to just about every corner of the earth.

Now that Phil is going to be back on the show after A&E gave him the old pink slip, I wonder if this was just a great marketing ploy by the network. After all, Duck Dynasty has made the network, as well as themselves, a whole lot of money. But I believe the values of the Robertson family is stronger than any of that.

Duck Dynasty Values

If you are one of those who has no clue what Duck Dynasty is all about, I suggest you check them out.

Whether a marketing ploy or not, I applaud the Robertson family, especially Phil for standing on their beliefs and not backing down to value thin, Hollywood pressures.

Are Values Making a Comeback?
Could this be the beginning of a comeback of values to the Hollywood scene? Will the networks take notice that people really do have good moral values and prefer shows built around them rather than the garbage that seems to fill the airways?

Maybe the Duck Dynasty values will rub off on a few producers and writers and they will start seeking out value based stories.

I say it’s time to back off the zombie and vampire garbage and start producing films that not only entertain, but give our children and grandchildren shows that have moral values.

Whether they do or not is yet to be known. But one thing that seems certain, the Robertson Family is not backing down on their values. The Duck Dynasty values reflect their personal belief and that my friend is what this country was founded on.

Your Turn

Do you think the Duck Dynasty Values could be the start of a comeback of the values this country was founded on? Or not?

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