Don’t Waste My Time Cold Calling on Me

good at salesCold Calling. This is one of the most controversial topics in sales. Most salespeople don’t like it but yet it is still required of them.

My first question is this, do you get paid to do cold calling?

Let me answer that for you. No. You don’t get paid to make cold calls you get paid to sell. Your paycheck is a direct result of sales.

Nothing else.

Is Cold Calling How You Get Paid?

Let me turn the table here. If you are the business owner or purchasing manager, maybe the IT manager and someone comes barging into your business without an appointment begging to see you, don’t you find that inconsiderate of you and your time, so much to the point that it totally turns you off to even listening to the “cold caller” in the first place?

Isn’t your time more valuable than to have someone interrupt your day unannounced? You may even say well they’re just out trying to make a living. Really? If they are trying to make a living, remember how they get paid. To sell.

Increase Your Chances of Making the Sale

Now as the salesperson, your chances increase greatly if you do your homework on the business and person you want to see, (Google has everything you need to know about them).

Send them a letter, a card an email, a reason for them to consider your product that may solve a problem the are having. Give them a reason to see you so they can see what you have to offer.

When you do get the appointment, be prepared. It’s business not a casual or social event. Your chances of getting the sale goes way up. And if you remember, sales, that’s how you get paid.

I want to be sure you understand one thing that is quite important.

I’m not saying if cold calling is required of you not to do it, of course you have to be responsible to the company you work for and if that is part of it, then do it.

You can still try other techniques that work better and when they do, show somebody the results. Let them know how you made the sale without cold calling.

I use to think cold calling was a necessary part of selling. That is until I read this book, Never Cold Call Again: Achieve Sales Greatness Without Cold Calling several years ago. It opened my eyes to the power of the internet and technology.

Who knows you just may have what it takes to create a new culture in your business.

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