Do They Really Know?

do they really know

Are Your Ideas Relative?

Do they really know? In  your career, in your life, you will come in contact with those who, “really know”. Yet you wonder if they really do.

Is their knowledge grounded in experience? Or did they just read a book without applying what it teaches? Do they wear rose colored glasses?

They are the ones who ask you your thoughts, your opinions yet if they don’t align with what they think they know, you become irrelevant. Your ideas don’t matter.

So how do you know if your ideas and thoughts really do matter? It’s quite simple. You really know because you have the experience. You have lived it. You practice it every day. You have the vision firmly planted in your mind.

Do They Really Know?

You can’t change what they really know, or what they think they know. But you can be certain that what you know, what you visualize, can change your life.

Author, Norman Vincent Peale can teach you exactly how to plant an image in your mind, that when you act on that image, you will find that what you know becomes what your are. Relevant.

Read his book. Then you really will know.

I first read this book almost two years ago. (at time of this writing) Since then, I have referred to it many times. It continues today to be one of the best books that keeps me on track. I can see the path. I am enjoying the journey. 

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