Customer Relation Management – How Not to Lose Customers

customer questionsThe fastest way to lose a customer is not what you may think. Customer relation management is crucial if you want to keep your customers. One popular misconception is the thought that making mistakes with your customer on their orders will cause them to drop you in a heart beat. That’s not necessarily so.

If your relation with your customer is top notch, and they know you have their best interest in mind, they will understand that mistakes will happen.

Making the same mistakes over and over however, is flat out mismanagement. But as long as your customer understands, and trusts you, the mistakes can be corrected.

Customer Relation Management Starts with Building Trust.

Building trust means you have to stay in touch with your customer. When I say customer, I mean everybody in the entire organization that has anything to do with what you are selling.

That means from the janitor or line worker to the purchaser, from the engineers to the business manager, from the shipping clerk to the plant manager or owner, you have to stay in touch with everybody. They must know who you are.

Not just the person who gives you the purchase order.

  • You build trust by being a vital part of the solutions to any problems they may face.
  • You build trust by getting to know everybody in their chain of command.
  • You build trust by taking care of their business.
  • You build trust by showing up when you say you will.
  • And you can’t build trust if you never call on them.
  • Customer relation management doesn’t exist if you don’t have a customer and the fastest way to lose one is to NOT call on them. If they don’t know you, they will get to know your competitor. This is the importance of customer retention.

    If you are skating and not calling on all your customers, then the ones you push aside, will do the same with you. It’s about customer relation management. It’s personal. It’s about the customer not you. It’s about building a relationship built on trust.

    And the only way this can happen is if you stay in touch. That’s the beginning of customer relation management.

    Your Turn
    What do you do that is special that builds trust with your customers?

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