Creating a Grateful List Small Things to be Thankful For

Your Grateful List Will Have a Huge Impact on Your Daily Life

Do you have a grateful list? Maybe we all should. A couple of days ago I was listening to a podcast of an interview with a CEO of a technology company. One of the questions posed to him was how he started his day and what did he do to make a difference. His answer was not about his company, but it was about his grateful list. His second point is a lesson from which we can all learn.

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Creating Your Grateful List

Steve Elliott is the CEO of AgileCraft in the Austin, Texas area. He has built a company that goes far beyond a  normal business model. He has created a top rated company built on values and gratitude.

As I was listening to a podcast interview with Elliott, one of the questions was about what he does to make a difference as the CEO. His answer wasn't about building a business, it was about his humbleness and gratitude for others, those who work for him.

We can all learn from this lesson in gratitude. 

Here's how you can create your own gratful list to help you focus on the more important parts of life and business.

1. Start a journal. This doesn't have to be anything fancy or formal. You can write it in a notebook, on your computer, wherever you decide. The important thing is to start one.

2. Start your morning. Each morning when you get up, take your journal and write two or three things you are grateful for. What is it that you are thankful for right now? Write it down.

3. Send a note. Who is someone in your life that you are grateful to be associated with? Family, friends or co-workers. Consider everyone. Handwrite a note to someone telling them how grateful you are for what they do, who they are and why you are thankful for them.

4. End your day. At the end of each day, once again turn to your list. Add a journal entry as a summary of your day. You can be as long or short as you like. It's your journal.

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You may be thinking this is a waste of time. But you may also be thinking that "hey, this stuff just may work". The only way you will find out is to try it for yourself. Once you decide to create a grateful list, stick with it. It takes time for changes.

Each day as you add to your list a couple of things that you are grateful for, you will find your focus start to change. It will shift from self to others. You will become more in tune with what is really important in your life and in your business.

My Grateful List

Keeping a journal has been a shortcoming of mine. I have often though I should but as each day gets crowded and I get busy, the opportunity slips by.

No more. I wrote my first entry. I am grateful for my wife, children and grandkids. 

Let me challenge you to start your own grateful list and create a life of purpose. It's time to shift your focus to the things you are grateful in this life. 

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