Create Your Content First Tech Stuff Second

writing contentRecently I’ve been working on some of the tech stuff and had to remind myself that if you want to have any measurable success you have to create your content first.

Without content your blog will be nothing more than a blank page. And you can rest assured people won’t find it when they search for your product.

Why Create Your Content First

It’s a topic you will see all over the internet these days but it is a fact, you must create your content.

That’s what people look for and get this, Google loves content too.

Think of it this way, you search for blue widgets and if nobody is writing content about blue widgets, it’s sort of like having your name and number unlisted in the phone book. You have a phone but nobody can get the number.

When you focus to create your content first and then get to the tech stuff, you will at the very least have something for people to search for and quite possibly find. Create your content before you get too technical.

This is especially good practice if you are just starting out with your blog. You can always write something and post it whereas the technical stuff takes a whole different set of skills which takes time to learn.

But I Want It To Be Pretty

We all do. We all want our blog or site to look attractive and we should. After all, it’s the visual that we often see first when visiting a site.

The problem with pretty before you create your content is as I’ve said before, no content, no search results. Once you get the content part down and have posted a few articles, then you can go to work on the tech stuff.

If you don’t feel that you can get the hang of the technical side of blogging, find someone who can help you. This will free you up to do what you know how to do and that is create your content.

Your Thoughts

How do you handle the content and the tech stuff on your blog? You can share it below.

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