How to Craft a New Story that Will Engage Your Listener

stories_build_relationshipsThe first stories I started telling my grandkids were taken straight from their own interests. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched Thomas the Train, or Bubble Guppies with them. I can even sing right along with them as they sing the songs. Engaging with them on their level of interests is the perfect way to craft a new story, one they will love and remember. You have to engage your listener, on their level.

Engage Your Listener

Your customers are just like kids or anyone for that matter when it comes to stories. Everybody loves a good story. So how do you engage your listener without boring them or worse, chasing them away?

Before I get to that I want to tell you a little story. After telling my five year old grandson a story one night when I was visiting, he wanted another one. It was time for him to go to sleep so I suggested I write a story and email it to his mom. She could then read it to him later.

A few days after I got home I wrote the story and sent the email. He was so excited after his mom read it to him he told her something I will always cherish.

He told her he wanted me to write a book so the whole world could hear the stories.

So how did I get him so excited and interested in the stories?

I engaged my grandson on his level by making him the center of the story, the hero, the main character.

As you tell your stories to your customers and potential customers, or even your kids and grandkids, engage your listener.

Make it Relevant
Just telling stories to listen to yourself talk will only run off your customer. You have to make the story relevant to him or to her.

Ask Your Customer to Tell His or Her Story
You have to show your concern and one of the best ways to do this is to ask your customer to tell you their story. What is causing them the headaches in their business?

Craft Your Stories
Once you know their problems, you can craft your story. If you can relate it to the problem he is having with a product or service. You engage your customer by asking the questions you need to tell your story.

Seal the Deal with Testimonials
When you relate a testimonial of how you helped someone else with a similar problem that you solved, you can fully engage your customer.

By taking these measured actions, you become the expert. You build credibility with your customer. You get the business while your competitor goes hungry.

Now that you understand more about how to craft your story that will engage your listener, I want you to do two things.

First, jot down a couple examples of how you helped one of your customers. This will give you a starting point to helping others.

Second, tell me about it. Let me know how you have helped solve a problem for your customer. You can post it in the comment box.

One other thing before you go. How are you going to craft your next story to win more business?

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