Conversations With Yourself You May Want To Listen In On

conversations with yourselfMany of the most meaningful and interesting conversations you may have are those conversations with yourself. You know the ones I’m talking about. It’s when you are in the shower or taking a walk, those times you really can’t do anything else.

It is the internal conversations with yourself that can produce some of your best ideas. For me, when I’m driving and get an idea, one that I think would be a good article to write, I start having those conversations with myself.

How Many Conversations With Yourself Have Evaporated?

You know the ones I’m talking about, those that keep you up all night analyzing your idea inside and out. Problem is, too many times these internal conversations never make it to my word processer let alone my blog.

I can’t begin to count the number of “great” ideas that I have had and never wrote them down. At least at the time I thought they were great ideas. A good conversation whether with yourself or others is like one of those songs that sticks in your head and you can’t get it out.

The difference here though is that it only sticks for a short time. After a while, it gets buried in the depths of your memory banks and you can’t ever remember the keyword to recall it for later use.

A Solution to Retaining The Conversations

Here is what you should do if you to find yourself forgetting the conversations with yourself.

After forgetting some of what I thought were my best ideas I finally decided to put my foot down and do what I have known for many years.

record conversations with yourselfI record my thoughts.

Everybody has a smartphone these days that record audio and has a notepad feature to capture your thoughts. You don’t have to record the entire conversation, though that may not be a bad idea, but you do need to record the main ideas and headlines.

You can even text yourself notes about your idea for later use. You can then send this to your email so it will be on your computer once you decide to start writing about your latest idea.

Why not use this technology to your advantage so you will never lose an idea again.
(Now there’s an idea)

There are other ways you can capture your ideas. There is the old fashion, use a note pad and write it down. The point is to simply take your idea and put it in a format for you to be able to easily recall for later use.

Now What?

Just because you have all your ideas and conversations, where you can pull them up doesn’t mean they will become a great blog post or eBook. You still have to write it down, edit it and post it to your blog.

You have to do something. You can’t beam it up like Scottie on Star Trek. You have to get to work to make it work.

This is what I started doing, again, with the many conversations with myself. I capture the thought, secure it in an audio file or written note on my computer then I get to work. Sometimes I have to twist my own arm but it works for me. Try it and I’m sure you will see the benefits too.

Your Turn

How do you record your ideas, your thoughts and all the conversations with yourself when you are on the go? Let me know.

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