Content Marketing Trend, Is It Overrated?

cm_trendIs the content marketing trend over rated? Is it being used as a crutch for lack of anything else to publish? What does the content marketing trend really mean?

These are just a few ideas that come to mind as I read various bits of information across the web.

The Content Marketing Trend

Some say that we as bloggers and publishers are wasting time repeating things that have been stated way too many times.

I read too that one guy said the content marketing trend is a crutch and that nobody seems to have any new ideas.

It’s Still New

My though on the whole content marketing thing is this. If anyone writes and publishes something that has already been said, it is still new content if someone who has never read it before reads it for the first time on your blog.

If something is worth repeating, then do it. Add your own ideas and thoughts to the topic to give readers something more to think about.

I also read this article at The Sales Lion on the content marketing trend that I found quite interesting.

Marcus gives 4 very pointed facts about the whole content marketing industry. And I agree, they are facts that will never change.

You’ve got something to say so why not say it? After all, the trend does show there is a huge upswing in the content curation market.

This to me means that there is also huge potential for someone, new or experienced, to elevate their position in this marketing arena.

Don’t worry about what others may think or say. Your blog or site is your’s so keep adding great content for your customer and readers to consume. They will love you for it.

Your Turn

What do you think about the content marketing trend? Is it a viable means to reach your goal or is it just a bunch of bologna?

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