Does Your Small Business Use Content Marketing Campaigns? Why Not?

content marketing campaigns
Content marketing campaigns are by far one of the best methods of increasing your customer base which in turn will increase your sales. Take this example from the tractor company, John Deere.

Example of Content Marketing Campaigns

In 1895, John Deere launched the magazine The Furrow, providing information to farmers on how to become more profitable. The magazine, considered the first custom publication, is still in circulation, reaching 1.5 million readers in 40 countries in 12 different languages.

Just because the internet wasn’t around in 1895 doesn’t mean it wasn’t content.

By 2014, Forbes Magazine’s website had written about the seven most popular ways companies use content marketing. In it, the columnist points out that by 2013, use of content marketing had jumped across corporations from 60% a year or so before, to 93% as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Just this alone should give you a sense of how important using content marketing campaigns in your small business should be.

Don’t Jump in Blind. Create a marketing plan that will work for you. It doesn’t have to be a complex plan, a simple 1-page will work.

Consider this.
You just took on a new product line. The product is awesome, the pricing is right on target and your sales force is fired up. They are ready to make sales. What do you do?

In too many cases, the marching orders for the sales force go something like this.

You all know we have this great new line of thing-a-ma-bobs. It’s the best in our industry and we even have an exclusive on it. Here’s the literature. Go sell some! Oh, and if you need a sample, we can order it.

How do you think that turns out? You’re absolutely right. A few sales will be made, interest will soon fade away and the inventory collects dust faster than a new vacuum cleaner.

A better plan.
What would have happened if a couple of really good content marketing campaigns had been put in place first? Without a doubt, it could have been a huge success.

A simple plan can easily make a huge difference. Here is an example.

1. Identify your target market. If you don’t know who your target customers are for the product, you might as well save your money and send the product back to the factory.

2. What is your message? In other words, what are you going to tell your customers and prospects. How will you tell them what’s in it for them? Get specific with your message.

3. How will you reach your target audience? You must know this before you throw your salesforce to the wolves. Will you use social media posts? Surely you will blog about it? Maybe some email marketing to existing customers? How novel is that?

4. Be sure you use some good lead magnets. You must capture the names and email addresses of visitors to your site who may have an interest. This is one of the most important aspects of good content marketing campaigns.

5. Nurture the leads. How are you going to show your leads the love? Nurturing them is a very crucial part of content marketing. People want to know you care. Show them that you do.

6. It’s time to convert. Now you have everybody talking about your new thing-a-ma-bob. How are you going to convert that interest into orders? Free shipping? How about a 30 day free trial? Be creative and come up with a plan that will work in your business. Conversions count.

7. First class treatment. Now that you have made the sale, don’t stop. Your work is just beginning. You have to provide a world class experience for your new customer. And your existing ones. (but you are already doing this for them. Right?)

8. Lifetime value. What are you going to do to increase the lifetime value of your new and existing customers who just bought your new product? Introducing new products is a perfect way. Do you want fries with your order? Keep in touch!

9. Referrals add income. Many business I come in contact with forget this important part in their planning. Referrals from a happy customer are priceless. Plus it will normally make the whole process much easier. Put a referral plan in place as part of your content marketing campaigns.

You have to have a plan if you want to be successful. Do you remember the TV show The A-Team. The leader of the team, Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith, had a saying at the end of each show. “I love it when a plan comes together.”

If you want your plan to come together, put some serious thought into your content marketing campaigns. If you do, you will certainly sell more thing-a-ma-bobs.

Reference to John Deere and Forbes Magazine: Wikipedia

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