Communicate with Passion: All the Time to Be Understood

communicate with passion

Communicate with Passion...All the Time

Communicate. Communicate your vision, your intent; do it with dedication, determination and passion.

When you communicate these things with every ounce of passion inside you, with determination by letting the world know you mean business, it will set the stage for greater things to come.

Communicate through social media, your website, your blog, use your voice, tell the world that you are going to make a difference. Communication is crucial to a better understanding in helping you reach your destination.

How do you communicate? Try this.

Communicate with Passion

When you read stories to you children or grandchildren, you add enthusiasm, you tell the story with great passion. They listen, they laugh, they become engaged in the story. Passion in communication has a far greater effect than simply making a statement.

Your intent
Your vision

What better way to get people involved in your cause than by telling stories. Telling them with passion. A story is something people can relate to.

As a young boy, a friend and I went snake hunting. We had our BB guns at the ready as we cautiously stepped through the woods in pursuit of our prey. Then we hear it. No it wasn’t a snake but a yapping dog. As the yapping got closer, we realized the dog was in a bit of distress. When the dog appeared in our path, we knew exactly the cause for all the noise. The dog had been sprayed by a skunk. Forget snake hunting, get away from the dog.

This is just a small example of how you can use passion and excitement when you communicate with others. Tell your story in a way that draws your audience into your excitement. They become emotionally involved and will help you to reach your destination.

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