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starting point

Your Starting Point Is Closer than You Think It Is

I’m no longer a spring chicken. I would say that by most standards, I’m somewhat past the middle. But this doesn’t mean I’m nearing the ...
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just write

Just Have Fun – If it Inspires Someone Along the Way, Great

Just Have Fun at Whatever You Do I've been thinking a lot about all the content I write. I've come to the conclusion that even ...
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Thankful for the Connection, a Sandwich, a Hungry Man

I am thankful for the connection I made with a hungry and depressed man several years ago. I had stopped in at our local drug ...
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moving forward

Moving Forward with the Power of a Ripple

Today was Easter. The service this morning was an outdoor service by the lake. The water was calm as a slight breeze rustled the leaves, ...
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why do you do what you do

Do You Know Why You Do What You Do? It’s Time to Find Your Why

Why you do what you do is not always so obvious. Many people, and I’m sure the number is huge, if asked would not have ...
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create your image

Create Your Image of Your Destination | How to Live a Full Life

Create your image. Can you see it? It’s that beach vacation you always wanted to take with your family. Sunsets, sand, surf; you and your ...
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“I believe if you want to achieve anything, you have to start with a strong belief system. One that is far greater than yourself. That is the first step to be awesome.”                        ~Ocha

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