A Broken Process Can’t Be Fixed with a Simple Band-Aid

broken process

You may find yourself faced with what may seem like impossible odds from time to time. A broken process, poor or no planning. No accountability. No way to win. What do you do?

When I was at boot camp while in the Marines, we were put into situations where we thought there was no way out. The odds of winning were stacked against us. It felt like a broken process and all we had were band-aids.

But as Marines, we were supposed to win. There was, and still is, no other choice. That’s just the way it is. Regardless of the situation we were subjected to, as a platoon, and individuals, we had to find a way to overcome. We learned how to fix a broken process.

A Broken Process

You see, Marines are not designed, nor taught to simply patch things to get by. We were taught to do the right thing, create a permanent solution to the situation by eliminating the problem.

If you don’t eliminate the problem, if you simply put a band-aid on a bleeding artery, it will eventually bleed out. You die.

There will be times you find yourself in similar situations. In your work. Maybe in your life too. When you do, remember, the only way things will get better is to do the right thing. You have to know how to fix a broken process.

Identify the cause of the bleeding; the problem, the issue. Correct what’s broken by putting the correct procedure in place. A permanent solution. Not a patch.

Coming out of chaos.

When you do find yourself in the midst of chaos, situations with no processes or at best a broken process, that’s your clue to step up.

Quickly analyze the situation. Understand the obstacles. Know the mission and desired results. Create a solution.

Eliminate the cause of the broken process by putting in place a solution that focuses on the end game. Come out of the chaos. Correct the situation. Claim your victory.

Remember, a Band-Aid won’t stop a bleeding artery. And a broken process won’t fix itself.


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